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Shenzhen Bosida Garment Accessories Co., Ltd is specialized in development and production of various kinds of print labels , woven labels, adhesive stickers, hangtags, seal tag, pyrographs, packaging bag&box, and various kinds of printed products. With over 10 years of experience in garment accessories, we have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing and quality control. Our factory owns many advanced printing machines, computerwoven label machines, hook machines and trademark machines. We have been a reliable and trusted partner for industries like clothing, shoes and hats, bags, handbags, leather goods and bedding, etc. With our business philosophy of "To Customer Satisfaction" in mind.We have been doing our very best to offerexcellent service and high quality products to our customers.

We look forward to establishing a long term partnership with you and hopefully can become your reliable garment accessories supplier in the near future.

Excellent quality

Reasonable price
Professional service

Services to create value
The good faith to win respect
Wish our sincere cooperation to become friends with each other.

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